1. Check-out Arrangement
- Upon your check-out date by 9:30am, please kindly tkae the following used items to Laundry on G/F for cleaning.
(1)Top bed sheet (2)Pillow case (3)Pillow (4)Quilt cover (5)Quilt/Blanket separated from the cover
- For groups, it is suggested to bring the luggage to the meeting venue at around 9:30am.

2. Dining Arrangement
- Breakfast (8:00am), Lunch (12:30pm) and Dinner (6:00pm) are served at the dining hall. Bell ring will remind when lunch and dinner is ready. Please be punctual.
- Please take your own set of eating utensils to the collection trays after meals.
- No outside food is allowed.
- Soft drinks vending machine is located outside Pilgrim's hall. Drinking water is provided in dining hall.

3. Rules and Regulations
- As in retreat center, please keep the place clean and quiet. Please lower your voice during meals and close the doors gently.
- Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted. (For children of overseas missionaries, please enquire staff when submitting application.)
- Guests are required to wear our lanyards while they are staying in Tao Fong Shan.
- Please be reminded you should not enter the following restricted areas without approval. (1) Carpark (2) Kitchen (3) Staff quarters (4) Offices
- No meetings should be proceeded in public areas (includes dining hall, Lotus Crypt and Christ Temple), open areas (includes TFS Cross, Labyrinth and yards) and also guestrooms. All meetings should be held in the pre-booked venues.
- Please get dressed properly.
- Please do not eat or drink inside rooms and venues, except the dining hall.
- Cooking, lighting candles, smoking (fire detectors are installed), drinking of alcoholic beverages, gambling and any other illegal activities is prohibited.
- To avoid alerting fire detectors, please use perfume or other spray in bathroom or outdoor area.
- When leaving rooms or venues, please close all the doors and windows. Please also switch off all the lights, air-conditioners, projector and other electric appliances.
- Please do not move the settings inside rooms and venues, or move furniture from rooms and venues. Please contact our staff representatives if you need to post any promotional materials.
- Compensation is required for any damages of our property.
- Please take care of your own belongings. We shall not be responsible for any of your loss.