Pilgrim's Hall - Booking Procedures


Bookings for individuals can be made by phone.

Fill in the attached Enquiry Form for bookings by churches/organizations. Upon acceptance, written confirmation with Accommodation Form will be sent for further process. Applicants shall also be informed in writing if their applications are not accepted.

Online Submission of Enquiry Form
Download Booking Informaiton and Enquiry Form :   

Once an application is accepted, applicant is required to make a deposit of 50% of total amount within seven days. Otherwise, bookings might be considered cancelled and the rooms/venues will be open again for others.

Balance Payment
The balance payment must be settled 14 days before the accommodation date. If the booking falls within 14 days of the accommodation date, payment in full shall be made upon application is accepted. Bookings shall be lapsed if the payment is not arranged in due course and without refund of deposit.

Change of Booking
Any changes can be made before 14 days and balance payment will be based on the 50% balance of revised board and lodging expenses; otherwise, full payment shall be required to pay. Any paid deposit for the cancelled portion of board and lodging cannot be refunded and used against for balance settlement. Any deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable once the accommodation date is fixed and confirmed.

Refund request is not accepted unless special occasions: Typhoon signal 3 or above / Red Rainstorm Warning signal or above is hoisted and other force majeure.

Arrangement under Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning Signal
If typhoon signal No.3 or above / Red or Black Rainstorm Warning signal is hoisted, for sake of safety, guests who have checked in can continue to stay in the guest house or leave as soon as possible. Those who choose to stay should stop all outdoor activities until the all signal(s) is lowered. A pro-rata refund will be arranged for those choose to leave during their booking.
If typhoon signal No.3 or above / Red or Black Rainstorm Warning signal is hoisted two hours check-in, i.e. before 12:30p.m., all booking on that day will be cancelled. All payment will be applied to next booking in the following six months. Refund will be arranged if booking cannot be finalized for three successive times. If the accommodation period is over two nights, guests should check-in the following day once the signal(s) is lowered or cancelled. No refund will be available for the period when the guest house is open again.

Other Service
Spiritual direction for individuals or spiritual training program for groups can be arranged upon advance booking with Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre. For enquiry, please contact us for further details.
For visit or Guided tour, please contact our Administration Department at (852) 2694 4000.

For booking enquiry, please contact our Pilgrim's Hall Retreat Centre Office by phone, fax, email or instant messaging as below:
Telephone: (852) 2691 2739
Fax: (852) 2699 4616
Email: pilgrimhall@tfssu.org
WhatsApp / Signal: (852) 2691 2739
LINE / WeChat: (852) 52815430 / ID: tfspilgrimhall
Messenger: http://m.me/taofongshanpilgrimshall

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